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    Format: xii, 352 Seiten : , Illustrationen.
    ISBN: 978-1-107-15398-1
    Additional Edition: Erscheint auch als Druck-Ausgabe, paperback ISBN 978-1-316-60788-6
    Additional Edition: Erscheint auch als Online-Ausgabe ISBN 978-1-316-65029-5
    Language: English
    Subjects: Mathematics
    Keywords: Aufsatzsammlung ; Konferenzschrift ; Festschrift
    Author information: Graham, Ronald L., 1935-2020
    Library Location Call Number Volume/Issue/Year Availability
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    Format: 1 online resource (xii, 352 pages) : , digital, PDF file(s).
    ISBN: 9781316650295 (ebook)
    Content: Discrete mathematics has been rising in prominence in the past fifty years, both as a tool with practical applications and as a source of new and interesting mathematics. The topics in discrete mathematics have become so well developed that it is easy to forget that common threads connect the different areas, and it is through discovering and using these connections that progress is often made. For over fifty years, Ron Graham has been able to illuminate some of these connections and has helped to bring the field of discrete mathematics to where it is today. To celebrate his contribution, this volume brings together many of the best researchers working in discrete mathematics, including Fan Chung, Erik D. Demaine, Persi Diaconis, Peter Frankl, Alfred W. Hales, Jeffrey C. Lagarias, Allen Knutson, Janos Pach, Carl Pomerance, N. J. A. Sloane, and of course, Ron Graham himself.
    Note: Title from publisher's bibliographic system (viewed on 29 May 2018).
    Additional Edition: Print version: ISBN 9781107153981
    Language: English
    URL: Volltext  (lizenzpflichtig)
    Library Location Call Number Volume/Issue/Year Availability
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    Format: 1 Online-Ressource (226 Seiten)
    ISBN: 9781839981050
    Series Statement: Anthem Ethics of Personal Data Collection
    Content: This volume attests to the fact that pressing global public health concerns are ever present as subjects of societal discourse and debate in developed and developing states. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic makes the omission of the ethics of personal data collection analysis in the international relations literature even more salient given the rise of contact tracing and increased uses of mobile phone Apps to track citizens by states and firms across the globe, as this volume's chapters analyzing the responses to COVID-19 in Iran and Taiwan explain
    Note: Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources , Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Foreword -- Word Clouds -- Introduction: Non-Western versus Western Reflections on the Ethics of Personal Data Collection in a Variegated "Chessboard-Web" Ecosystem -- Questions to Raise in the Literature -- Overview of Chapters -- References -- Part I -- Chapter 1 Information Technology: National Security Savior or Civil Rights Disaster -- Introduction: Information Technology-Tool for State Security or a Civil Rights Concern? -- Technology, Security, and the New Environments They Create -- China's Increasing Surveillance and Its Impacts on the Marginalized -- State of Emergency and the New Normal-State Control -- Corporations' and State's Aligned Interest in Information Technologies -- Misuse of User Data and Its Consequences -- Conclusion: China and the United States-Concurrent or Contrasting Realities? -- References -- Chapter 2 : Is This Chapter "Fake News"?: Exploring the Possibilities of Regulating Online Disinformation While Preserving the Right to Freedom of Expression in Europe -- Introduction -- Jurisdictional Choices -- Fake News-What Is It and Where Do We Stand? -- Freedom of Expression and Fake News -- The Balancing Exercise: Limiting Freedom of Expression under Art. 10(2) ECHR -- "Prescribed by law" -- "Legitimate aim" -- "Necessary in a democratic society" -- Article 17 ECHR's "Abuse of Rights" Doctrine -- "Thinking Outside the Box": Alternative Justifications for Regulation -- The hierarchy of expression: Fake news as commercial speech -- Extending "duties and responsibilities" of journalists -- Conclusion -- References -- Cases -- Chapter 3 Geopolitics, Personal Data Collection, and Globalization: Iran's Response to COVID-19 -- Introduction -- Understanding the COVID-19 Situation in Iran -- The Socioeconomic Context in Iran Pre-COVID-19 , Government Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic -- Government Data Collection on COVID-19 in Iran -- The Use of Personal Data Collection Mechanisms to Monitor the Spread of COVID-19 in Iran -- Proposing Greater Reliance on Personal Data -- Analysis -- Conclusion -- References -- Part II -- Chapter 4 Taiwan's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Social Constructivist Analysis of Identity Differentiation with the People's Republic of China -- The Taiwan Model -- Identity Formation in the Time of COVID-19 -- Success based on democracy -- International perception -- Superiority -- IV. Unification approaches from China-carrot-and-stick tactics -- Outcomes -- Information Technology and Personal Data Protection: The Paradox in Taiwan -- Democracy and Liberalism: Drivers to Protect Data Security in the West -- The Paradox of Taiwan -- Chinese Collectivism Culture -- Taiwan's Unique International Status, Not Democracy, Helps Propel Its Data Protection Development -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 5 Reeducation Camps in Xinjiang, China: An Intersectional Constructivist Approach -- Introduction -- Literature Review -- Data and Methodology -- Journalistic reports and leaked documents -- Firsthand accounts and advocacy from humanitarian organizations -- Satellite imagery analysis -- Analysis and Conclusion -- Conclusion -- References -- Part III -- Chapter 6 Smartphones and Data Privacy Ethics: International Regulations in a "Chessboard-Web" Environment -- Introduction -- Literature Review: The Chessboard Regulatory Scheme -- "Chessboard" privacy regulations, data classifications, and tools for smartphones -- Review of privacy regulations -- Traditional data protection methods: Data classifications: owned, processed, sourced, and linked -- Privacy-based tools supporting current regulations: Informed consent , Entanglement of the Chessboard and Web-Slaughter's Perspective -- The power of network centrality -- Example 1-Network centrality of data platforms -- Contact tracing for COVID-19: Web versus Chessboard Influence -- Example 2-Web-based ecosystems with eigenvector centrality -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- Conflicts of Interest -- Limitations -- References -- Chapter 7 : Ethical Considerations around Crowdsourcing Stories of Sexual Abuse and Harassment in Public Spaces: The Safecity India Story -- Introduction -- Background to the Creation of the Safecity.in Platform -- Structure the Reporting Platform to Make It Accessible and Engaging -- Practical Change Driven by and for the Community -- Insights into Place as a Critical Unit of Analysis for Bringing the Dark Figure of Gender-Based Violence into Focus -- Ownership of the Data: From the People, for the People -- Police Use of Deadly Force: When the State Wishes Not to Collect Data -- Conclusions -- References -- Chapter 8 Protecting Privacy in a Sexual Assault Prevention Program -- Overview of Military Academies -- The Problem of Sexual Assault on Campus and within Military Units -- Privacy within the Military -- Findings: Testing EAAA at USAFA -- Lessons Learned -- Conclusion -- References -- Conclusion -- References -- Afterword -- Building Forward in Beauty and Balance: A Decade of Action Rooted in Human and Indigenous Rights -- List of Contributors -- Index
    Additional Edition: Erscheint auch als Druck-Ausgabe Mazzucelli, Colette The Ethics of Personal Data Collection in International Relations London : Anthem Press,c2022 ISBN 9781839981036
    Language: English
    Library Location Call Number Volume/Issue/Year Availability
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    Format: 1 online resource (VIII, 362 p.)
    ISBN: 9783110754216 , 9783110766820
    Series Statement: De Gruyter Proceedings in Mathematics
    Content: Over a career that spanned 60 years, Ronald L. Graham (known to all as Ron) made significant contributions to the fields of discrete mathematics, number theory, Ramsey theory, computational geometry, juggling and magical mathematics, and many more. Ron also was a mentor to generations of mathematicians, he gave countless talks and helped bring mathematics to a wider audience, and he held signifi cant leadership roles in the mathematical community. This volume is dedicated to the life and memory of Ron Graham, and includes 20-articles by leading scientists across a broad range of subjects that refl ect some of the many areas in which Ron worked.
    Note: Frontmatter -- , Foreword -- , Contents -- , Multivariate difference Gončarov polynomials -- , On an inequality in a 1970 paper of R. L. Graham -- , Arithmetic progressions in sumsets of sparse sets -- , Multidimensional Padé approximation of binomial functions: equalities -- , Graphical enumeration and stained glass windows, 1: rectangular grids -- , Two extensions of Hilbert's cube lemma -- , The Gallai-Ramsey number for a tree versus complete graphs -- , On Levine's notorious hat puzzle -- , Recurrence ranks and moment sequences -- , On weak twins and up-and-down subpermutations -- , Distance graphs and arithmetic progressions -- , Consecutive primes which are widely digitally delicate -- , Spanning trees and domination in hypercubes -- , Rook domination on hexagonal hexagon boards -- , Strongly image partition regular matrices -- , Introducing shift-constrained Rado numbers -- , Mertens' prime product formula, dissected -- , Curious convergent series of integers with missing digits -- , A note on Carmichael numbers in residue classes -- , Tilted corners in integer grids -- , Remembrances -- , A selected bibliography of Ron Graham , Issued also in print. , Mode of access: Internet via World Wide Web. , In English.
    In: DG Plus DeG Package 2022 Part 1, De Gruyter, 9783110766820
    In: EBOOK PACKAGE COMPLETE 2022 English, De Gruyter, 9783110993899
    In: EBOOK PACKAGE COMPLETE 2022, De Gruyter, 9783110994810
    In: EBOOK PACKAGE Mathematics 2022 English, De Gruyter, 9783110993868
    In: EBOOK PACKAGE Mathematics 2022, De Gruyter, 9783110770445
    Additional Edition: ISBN 9783110754261
    Additional Edition: ISBN 9783110753431
    Language: English
    URL: Cover
    Library Location Call Number Volume/Issue/Year Availability
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