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    Language: English
    In: Journal of Science Education and Technology, 2013, Vol.22(2), pp.215-225
    Description: Does an online, multimedia case study influence students’ performance, motivation, and perceptions of science in collegiate level biology classes, and if so, how? One hundred and eight students in 5 classes from 4 campuses in the United States and Puerto Rico participated in data collection (performance tests, surveys and focus group interviews). Pre- and post-test results increased after students participated in the learning environment (F(1, 80) = 17.256, p  ≤ 0.01, η 2  = 0.177). Student confidence in their knowledge also increased. During focus group interviews students reported that the project was a good learning experience (95 %), would help with future classes or careers (87 %), and stimulated student curiosity by demonstrating the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world situations (64 %). The learning environment motivated students by making material relevant, which resulted in better performance. This pedagogical tool is not instructor dependent, and is adaptable.
    Keywords: Pedagogy ; Case-based instruction ; College biology ; Performance
    ISSN: 1059-0145
    E-ISSN: 1573-1839
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    In: Infection and Immunity, 2008, Vol. 76(4), p.1608
    Description: The ability to bind extracellular matrix proteins is a critical virulence determinant for skin pathogens. Haemophilus ducreyi, the etiological agent of the genital ulcer disease chancroid, binds extracellular matrix components, including fibronectin (FN). We investigated H. ducreyi FN binding and report several important findings about this interaction. First, FN binding by H. ducreyi was greatly increased in bacteria grown on heme and almost completely inhibited by hemoglobin. Second, wild-type strain 35000HP bound significantly more FN than did a dsrA mutant in two different FN binding assays. Third, the expression of dsrA in the dsrA mutant restored FN binding and conferred the ability to bind FN to a non-FN-binding Haemophilus influenzae strain. Fourth, an anti-DsrA monoclonal antibody partially blocked FN binding by H. ducreyi. The hemoglobin receptor, the collagen-binding protein, the H. ducreyi lectin, the fine-tangle pili, and the outer membrane protein OmpA2 were not involved in H. ducreyi FN binding, since single mutants bound FN as well as the parent strain did. However, the major outer membrane protein may have a minor role in FN binding by H. ducreyi, since a double dsrA momp mutant bound less FN than did the single dsrA mutant. Finally, despite major sequence differences, DsrA proteins from both class I and class II H. ducreyi strains mediated FN and vitronectin binding. We concluded that DsrA is the major factor involved in FN binding by both classes of H. ducreyi strains.
    Keywords: Medicine ; Biology;
    ISSN: 0019-9567
    ISSN: 00199567
    E-ISSN: 10985522
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    Language: English
    In: Science (New York, N.Y.), 27 July 2012, Vol.337(6093), pp.426-7
    Description: Case It! ([www.caseitproject.org][1]) originated at the 1995 BioQUEST Summer Workshop ( 1 ) and has developed over the years into an effective system for case-based learning useful for both high school and university educators ( 2 , 3 ). National Science Foundation support has enabled us to distribute all project materials at no cost. [1]: http://www.caseitproject.org
    Keywords: Computer Simulation ; Learning ; Molecular Biology -- Education ; Teaching -- Methods
    ISSN: 00368075
    E-ISSN: 1095-9203
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