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  • Inderscience Journals  (7)
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    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, 2010, Vol 2 Issue 1/2, pp 160 - 173
    Description: Advances in pervasive computing technology on the one hand, and the widespread use of mobile computing devices combined with improvements in embedded positioning capabilities on the other hand, testify the need for new mechanisms and applications to realise these innovative technologies with particular concern for users' privacy and consent. Although several researches on these new technologies and their privacy are ongoing, there is still a long path to realise all their benefits. This paper takes a special attention to location privacy in pervasive computing, as a particular type of information privacy. A hybrid mechanism for location privacy in pervasive computing is proposed.
    Keywords: pervasive computing; location privacy; information privacy; information security.
    ISSN: 1748-569X
    ISSN: 1748569X
    ISSN: 1748-5703
    ISSN: 17485703
    E-ISSN: 1748-5703
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  • 2
    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems, 2013, Vol 11 Issue 3, pp 310 - 326
    Description: This paper proposes two complementary virtual machine monitor (VMM) detection methods. These methods can be used to detect any VMM that is designed for ×86 architecture. The first method works by finding probable discrepancies in hardware privilege levels of the guest operating system's kernel on which user applications run. The second method works by measuring the execution times of a set of benchmark programs and comparing them with the stored execution times of the same programmes previously ran on a trusted physical machine. Unlike other methods, our proportional execution time technique could not be easily thwarted by VMMs. In addition, using proportional execution times, there is no need for a trusted external source of time during detection. It is shown experimentally that the deployment of both methods together can detect the existence of four renowned VMMs, namely, Xen, VirtualBox, VMware, and Parallels, on both types of processors that support virtualisation technology (VT-enabled) or do not support it (VT-disabled).
    Keywords: VMM detection; virtual machine monitor; virtualisation technology; security; malware detection; cloud computing; distributed systems; operating systems; kernel; hardware privilege levels; execution times; benchmark programs.
    ISSN: 1754-3916
    ISSN: 17543916
    ISSN: 1754-3924
    ISSN: 17543924
    E-ISSN: 1754-3924
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  • 3
    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems, 2010, Vol 3 Issue 3, pp 265 - 283
    Description: A critical issue in pervasive systems is the efficient discovery of resources in dynamic environments. Existing resource discovery mechanisms are inefficient since they broadcast resource request messages to all peers. They are also inflexible and hard to use. By imitating human behavioural patterns in social interactions known as S2P networks we present a more efficient discovery mechanism for tuple-based pervasive systems that only communicates to social peers in search of resources. The choice of tuple-based model yields more flexibility and ease of use. The result of S2P style search for a resource requested by a peer is consistently cached in the local tuple space of that peer for later use. Exemplar scenarios were run on an implementation of the mechanism in Linda in a mobile environment (LIME) on different platforms. The results showed significant improvements in resource discovery and access times.
    Keywords: pervasive computing; resource discovery; S2P; social peer to peer networks; tuple space; P2P; human behavioural patterns; social interactions.
    ISSN: 1754-8632
    ISSN: 17548632
    ISSN: 1754-8640
    ISSN: 17548640
    E-ISSN: 1754-8640
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  • 4
    Inderscience Publishers
    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Knowledge and Web Intelligence, 2011, Vol 2 Issue 2/3, pp 157 - 167
    Description: With the ever-increasing infiltration of the internet into everyday affairs of human life, the monitoring and control of social behaviours of users for the purpose of proper management of society has proved prudent. But, most existing approaches to social behaviour analysis are static and fall short of considering the varieties and differences in cultures and localities. We propose a dynamic approach to extract localised users’ favourite websites through logging the URLs that were accessed by users in places such as universities and government institutions; then by categorising the content of logged websites, our categorised users’ favourite websites were created dynamically. We evaluated our approach in a real setting by dynamically building up a database of users’ favourite websites in a six months period operating in the ICT Ministry of Iran. Comparison with famous static URL databases showed the superiority of our approach in catching newly published websites, making our approach more durable in performance.
    Keywords: internet usage; personalised information retrieval; URL filtering; content filtering; web inspection; social behaviour analysis; personalisation; website favourites; Iran.
    ISSN: 1755-8255
    ISSN: 17558255
    ISSN: 1755-8263
    ISSN: 17558263
    E-ISSN: 1755-8263
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  • 5
    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Internet Protocol Technology, 2009, Vol 4 Issue 2, pp 91 - 98
    Description: Existing tuple-based middleware-level mechanisms often use broadcasting for resource discovery in pervasive systems. We present a new routing-aware mechanism based on S2P networks. Each peer has a routing table containing information on the peers that most recently have provided this peer' requested resources. Each peer caches and uses such information to route its requests peer to peer. We implemented our routing mechanism in Java and ran it on a prototyped system under LIME in a MANET. The results demonstrated approximately 53% improvement in the query processing response time of the constructed pervasive system compared to the response time of the same system running a default routing mechanism in LIME.
    Keywords: pervasive systems; routing middleware; tuple space; social peer to peer networks; S2P networks; resource discovery; routing awareness; query processing.
    ISSN: 1743-8209
    ISSN: 17438209
    ISSN: 1743-8217
    ISSN: 17438217
    E-ISSN: 1743-8217
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  • 6
    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2011, Vol 7 Issue 1, pp 110 - 133
    Description: This paper introduces a framework for design and optimisation of strategic planning by integration of expert system (ES) and integer programming (IP). The development process of the ES is facilitated through knowledge base, learning module, inference engine, description tools and usability testing and inspection. To achieve the above objective, all indigenous and exogenous factors affecting strategic planning are categorised and translated into rules in the ES. Moreover, general strategies and their decision circumstances or criteria are given to the system. The IP model is introduced to optimise the recommended strategies among business units of large organisations. The integration of ES and IP for optimisation of strategic planning is a unique and new approach and has several advantages discussed in this paper. The approach of this paper was designed and tested for a medium-sized manufacturer of construction products and presents the advantages of the integrated IP and ES. This is the first study that introduces an integrated ES and IP for optimisation of strategic planning.
    Keywords: strategic planning; expert systems; integer programming; optimisation; construction products; manufacturing industry.
    ISSN: 1748-5037
    ISSN: 17485037
    ISSN: 1748-5045
    ISSN: 17485045
    E-ISSN: 1748-5045
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  • 7
    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of High Performance Systems Architecture, 2015, Vol 5 Issue 4, pp 209 - 215
    Description: This paper presents high-performance ternary buffer (STB), minimum (STMin) and maximum (STMax) circuits using carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFETs). Multiple valued logic (MVL) has been introduced to overcome the complexity and interconnection problems of the binary integrated circuits. In addition, outstanding properties of CNTFETs such as possibility of adopting the desired threshold voltage make them very appropriate for voltage mode MVL circuits design. All circuits are examined in different conditions using Synopsys HSPICE simulator at 32 nm feature size. Power-delay product (PDP) of the proposed designs are lower than the latest presented ternary circuits about 33%, 33% and 64%, respectively.
    Keywords: nanoelectronics; multiple valued logic; MVL circuit design; CNTFET; ternary logic gates; nanotechnology; carbon nanotubes; CNTs; CNT field effect transistors; FETs; nanotechnology.
    ISSN: 1751-6528
    ISSN: 17516528
    ISSN: 1751-6536
    ISSN: 17516536
    E-ISSN: 1751-6536
    Library Location Call Number Volume/Issue/Year Availability
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