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    Language: English
    In: The Journal of infectious diseases, 15 February 2009, Vol.199(4), pp.513-21
    Description: Acinetobacter baumannii is a bacterial pathogen of increasing medical importance. Little is known about genes important for its survival in vivo. Screening of random transposon mutants of the model pathogen AB307-0294 identified the mutant AB307.27. AB307.27 contained its transposon insertion in pbpG, which encodes the putative low-molecular-mass penicillin-binding protein 7/8 (PBP-7/8). AB307.27 was significantly killed in ascites (P〈.001), but its growth in Luria-Bertani broth was similar to that of its parent, AB307-0294 (P=.13). The survival of AB307.27 was significantly decreased in a rat soft-tissue infection model (P〈.001) and a rat pneumonia model (P=.002), compared with AB307-0294. AB307.27 was significantly killed in 90% human serum in vitro, compared with AB307-0294 (P〈.001). Electron microscopy demonstrated more coccobacillary forms of AB307.27, compared with AB307-0294, suggesting a possible modulation in the peptidoglycan, which may affect susceptibility to host defense factors. These findings demonstrate that PBP-7/8 contributes to the pathogenesis of A. baumannii. PBP-7/8 either directly or indirectly contributes to the resistance of AB307-0294 to complement-mediated bactericidal activity. An understanding of how PBP-7/8 contributes to serum resistance will lend insight into the role of this low-molecular-mass PBP whose function is poorly understood.
    Keywords: Acinetobacter Infections -- Immunology ; Acinetobacter Baumannii -- Growth & Development ; Penicillin-Binding Proteins -- Physiology
    ISSN: 0022-1899
    E-ISSN: 15376613
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    Language: English
    In: The Elementary School Journal June 2011, Vol.111(4), pp.641-661
    Description: Abstract Two experimental studies at one urban middle school investigated the effects of the combination of Tier I and Tier II evidence-based reading instruction compared to Tier I alone on struggling sixth-grade readers ( N = 109). All participants received free or reduced-price lunch, and 95% were considered English learners at some point in their school history. In both studies, Tier II intervention consisted of intensive instruction in word analysis, fluency building, comprehension, and vocabulary for 30 hours across 10 weeks. Results of both studies taken individually and combined indicated significant differences in favor of the intervention groups on oral reading fluency. The second study indicated significantly stronger performances for the intervention group on the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test—Revised (WRMT-R/NU) passage comprehension subtest. Tier II interventions and Response to Intervention (RTI) for older struggling readers are discussed related to educational implications and future research.
    Keywords: Reading Deficiencies (70900) ; Reading Instruction (70950) ; Junior High School Students (40210) ; English As a Second Language Learning (22130) ; Reading Tests (71550) ; Applied Linguistics; Reading Readiness/Acquisition/Achievement ; Article;
    ISSN: 00135984
    E-ISSN: 15548279
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    Language: English
    In: Science (New York, N.Y.), 24 December 2010, Vol.330(6012), pp.1775-87
    Description: We systematically generated large-scale data sets to improve genome annotation for the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, a key model organism. These data sets include transcriptome profiling across a developmental time course, genome-wide identification of transcription factor-binding sites, and maps of chromatin organization. From this, we created more complete and accurate gene models, including alternative splice forms and candidate noncoding RNAs. We constructed hierarchical networks of transcription factor-binding and microRNA interactions and discovered chromosomal locations bound by an unusually large number of transcription factors. Different patterns of chromatin composition and histone modification were revealed between chromosome arms and centers, with similarly prominent differences between autosomes and the X chromosome. Integrating data types, we built statistical models relating chromatin, transcription factor binding, and gene expression. Overall, our analyses ascribed putative functions to most of the conserved genome.
    Keywords: Chromosomes ; Gene Expression Profiling ; Gene Expression Regulation ; Genome, Helminth ; Molecular Sequence Annotation ; Caenorhabditis Elegans -- Genetics
    ISSN: 00368075
    E-ISSN: 1095-9203
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