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    Language: English
    In: Women's Health, November 2010, Vol.6(6), pp.849-860
    Description: Unsafe abortion is a significant cause of death and ill health in women in the developing world. A substantial body of research on these consequences exists, although studies are of variable quality. However, unsafe abortion has a number of other significant consequences that are much less widely recognized. These include the economic consequences, the immediate costs of providing medical care for abortion-related complications, the costs of medical care for longer-term health consequences, lost productivity to the country, the impact on families and the community, and the social consequences that affect women and families. This article will review the scientific evidence on the consequences of unsafe abortion, highlight gaps in the evidence base, suggest areas where future research efforts are needed, and speculate on the future situation regarding consequences and evidence over the next 5–10 years. The information provided is useful and timely given the current heightened interest in the issue of unsafe abortion, growing from the recent focus of national and international agencies on reducing maternal mortality by 75% by 2015 (as one of the Millennium Development Goals established in 2000).
    Keywords: Economic Consequences ; Maternal Morbidity ; Maternal Mortality ; Postabortion Complications ; Social Consequences ; Unsafe Abortion
    ISSN: 1745-5057
    E-ISSN: 1745-5065
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    In: Journal of International Business Studies, 2010, Vol.42(2), p.307
    Description: Consumers' conceptions of a market's institutional logic affect mechanisms of firm-consumer relationships, but are generally neglected in comparative studies of international marketing. This study bridges institutional and relationship marketing theories to examine two questions: do consumers hold meaningful mental models of a market's institutional logics, and do these mental models explain differentiated patterns of market relationships across international contexts? Building on contract-relational duality, we develop a market-level construct for capturing consumers' socially constructed mental models for the institutional logics of market action. We theorize that differences in consumers' institutional logics will influence both their evaluation of a firm's capabilities (first-order effect) and the degree to which they reward a firm through their commitment (second-order effect). These bridging predictions are tested using data from the insurance industry across three international markets. Our results show that the German insurance market is located in the relatively high contracts-low relational quadrant, whereas the US and Dutch markets are both located in the relatively low contracts - high relational quadrant. Our results also suggest that consumer commitment conforms to a principle of alignment such that commitment accrues to providers who align their capabilities with consumers' prevalent institutional logics of the market, and penalizes those who deviate from it. Reprinted by permission of Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.
    Keywords: Market Research ; Organizational Behaviour ; Public Relations ; Consumer Behaviour ; Consumer Preferences ; Market Structure ; Perception ; Economics;
    ISSN: 0047-2506
    E-ISSN: 14786990
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    Language: German
    In: Synthesis, 2015, Vol.47(14)
    In: Synthesis, 2015, Vol.47(14), pp.1961-1989
    Keywords: Electrophilic cyclizations ; Iodine monochloride ; Iodonium ion ; Iodocyclizations ; Intramolecular cyclizations ; Organoiodine compounds
    ISSN: 0039-7881
    E-ISSN: 1437-210X
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    In: Journal of Public Health Policy, 2010, Vol.31(4), p.498
    Description: [...] many dental schools closed. In the same period, children with zero DMFT increased from 3.7 per cent to 31.1 per cent.2 Brazil still has much to do, especially to modify policies based on dental treatment - restorations and surgery - in favor of oral health in the public health system and use of...
    Keywords: Developing Countries–Standards ; Health Policy–Standards ; Health Status Disparities–Standards ; Humans–Standards ; Oral Health–Standards ; Public Health–Standards ; Rural Population–Standards ; Urban Population–Standards ; World Health–Standards ; Public Health ; Dental Care ; Developing Countries–Ldcs ; Health Facilities ; Rural Areas;
    ISSN: 0197-5897
    E-ISSN: 1745655X
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    Language: English
    In: Mycoses, July 2011, Vol.54(4), pp.e183-8
    Description: Two soil isolates of Microsporum gypseum were studied for the production of extracellular proteases. Both the strains secreted protease on glucose-gelatin medium. The enzyme activity peaked on day 15 at 28 °C. Asparagine repressed protease yield. Sugars caused catabolite repression of protease formation. Protease activities of both the isolates were significantly affected by incubation period, culture media and carbohydrates used. Both the strains grew on the skin bait and caused a gravimetrically measurable loss of the substrate. Despite less pronounced differences in the keratinase levels, great variations occurred in the amount of keratin degraded by two isolates. Keratinase production as well as loss in substrate mass was better in glucose-lacking flasks than those containing the sugar. Although the rate of keratin degradation was independent of enzyme production, statistically positive correlations were recorded between loss in substrate mass: yielded dry mycelial weight and substrate degradation: keratinase levels.
    Keywords: Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic ; Gene Expression Regulation, Fungal ; Keratins -- Metabolism ; Microsporum -- Enzymology ; Peptide Hydrolases -- Metabolism
    ISSN: 09337407
    E-ISSN: 1439-0507
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    In: Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds, 2013, Vol.19(3), p.208
    Description: The objective of this article is twofold. The first and foremost objective is to investigate the information content of the volatility smile and to model its parabolic smile/skew pattern having advance quadratic formulations, to serve the best of requirements of derivative and capital market. The second relative objective is to find out the impeccable option pricing model capable of expanding the smile/smirk phenomenon of Black-Scholes, which can meet the requirements of option traders and practitioners, specifically during the period of high financial flux as capital market is subject to high unpredictability and may continue to be so. For modeling the volatility smile, we have identified a set of traditional Deterministic Volatility Functions (DVFs) of Dumas et al (1998), and endeavored in restructuring and redesigning of DVFs and further analytically examining the empirical effect of it. The underlying focus of this article remains to emphasize on the analytical investigation of the parameters of DVF models and its relative performance with respect to the classical Black-Scholes model. Furthermore, to search the most apt DVF model that could emerge as the most potential framework for the prediction of volatility smile and the market option price, this article utilizes the data of the most turbulent recent period of Indian and world economy, year 2007-2009, and finds the practical implications of hypothecated DVF models during the uncertain upheavals of financial forces. [PUBLICATION ]
    Keywords: India ; Studies ; Stochastic Models ; Volatility ; Stock Prices ; Securities Analysis ; Options Trading ; Mathematical Models ; Asia & the Pacific ; Investment Analysis & Personal Finance;
    ISSN: 1753-9641
    E-ISSN: 1753965X
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    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 2011, Vol 3 Issue 2, pp 164 - 177
    Description: All nations carry a huge burden of unsafe healthcare. Use of appropriate technology and its meaningful use have a huge potential to help lighten this burden. The World Health Organization has declared Patient Safety to be a Basic Human Right. The authors support the assertion by the US Institute of Medicine that there can be no quality of care without safety. The unique nature of each healthcare setting means that 'off-the-shelf' top-down solutions seldom work. There is a pressing need to develop safety improvement and measurement methodologies. The purpose of the work reported here was therefore to develop a bottom-up methodology in which staff is empowered through an IT-assisted systems approach. This failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) approach is based upon an error reduction intervention cycle. The methodology is highly adaptable for any healthcare setting and appears to be very suitable for measuring the effects of improvement interventions.
    Keywords: failure mode and effects analysis; FMEA; healthcare safety; information technology; safety measurement; patient safety; safety improvement; systems approach; employee empowerement; internet; web-based; error reduction intervention.
    ISSN: 1755-0386
    ISSN: 17550386
    ISSN: 1755-0394
    ISSN: 17550394
    E-ISSN: 1755-0394
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    Language: English
    In: Int. J. of Indian Culture and Business Management, 2011, Vol 4 Issue 2, pp 199 - 217
    Description: Sugar plant is complex unit, which comprises systems such as feeding, juice extraction, steam generation, refining, crystallisation, etc. To maintain operating unit efficiently, it is necessary to maintain the critical parts of the system. Feeding system is one of the major subsystems of sugar plant. In the present work, performance modelling and behaviour analysis of feeding system of sugar plant have been highlighted. The behaviour analysis of feeding system has been done with the help of performance modelling using probabilistic approach. After drawing the transition diagram of feeding system, the differential equations have been developed. The solution of the equations shows various performance levels for different combinations of failure and repair times of all the subsystems of feeding system. Based on various performance values obtained in availability matrices and plots of failure times/repair times of various subsystems, performance of each subsystem was analysed and maintenance decisions were made for all the subsystems of feeding system.
    Keywords: performance modelling; sugar plants; factories; feeding systems; transition diagrams; probabilistic approaches; behaviour analysis; juice extraction; steam generation; sugar refining; refineries; crystallisation; operating units; critical parts; subsystems; differential equations; performance levels; machine failures; repair times; performance values; availability matrices; failure times; plots; maintenance decisions; sugar mills; sugar cane; food processing; India; Indian culture; business management.
    ISSN: 1753-0806
    ISSN: 17530806
    ISSN: 1753-0814
    ISSN: 17530814
    E-ISSN: 1753-0814
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    Language: English
    In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 11/21/2018, Vol.122(46), pp.26584-26591
    Description: We have developed a theory for the photoluminescence (PL) and scattering cross section of a core-shell hybrid, where the core is the metallic nanoparticle and the shell is made of an ensemble of quantum emitters. A probe field is applied to calculate the scattering cross section of the core-shell hybrid. The surface plasmon polariton field in the metallic nanoparticle is calculated by solving the Maxwell equations in the quasi-static approximation. Dipoles are induced in the ensemble of quantum emitters because of the probe field and surface plasmon polariton field. Therefore, the dipole of one quantum emitter interacts with dipoles of other quantum emitters in the ensemble, and hence, there is the dipole-dipole interaction (DDI) between quantum emitters. We discovered an anomalous DDI, which is induced by the surface plasmon polaritons. It is shown that the strength of the DDI can be controlled by the surface plasmon polariton frequency, and it plays a dominant role in the phenomenon of the PL and scattering cross section. The surface plasmon polariton field can also interact with excitons of the quantum emitters via the exciton-surface plasmon polariton interaction. Using the density matrix method, the PL and scattering cross section are evaluated. It is found that the spectrum of the PL and the scattering cross section splits from one peak into two peaks mainly because of the strong coupling between the excitons and anomalous DDIs. It means that the PL and scattering spectrums can be switched ON (one peak) and OFF (two-peaks). This finding is consistent with the experimental data of the PL and scattering cross section of the J-aggregate and silver core-shell hybrid. We have found that the splitting and height of the two peaks can be increased or decreased by controlling mainly the strength of the anomalous DDI. The anomalous DDIs can be controlled by applying an external pulse pressure and pulse control laser. Hence, the present findings can be used for fabricating nanosensors and nanoswitches for applications in nanotechnology and nanomedicines.
    Keywords: Scattering-Cross-Section ; Excitons ; Nanoparticles ; Maxwell-Equation ; Surface-Plasmon ; Polaritons ; Matrix-Method ; Photoluminescence ; Crushed-Rocks ; Nano-System-Technology ; Pulse-Lasers ; Nanosensor ; Experimental-Data ; Silver ; Pulse-Pressure ; Streuungsquerschnitt ; Exciton ; Nanopartikel ; Maxwell-Gleichung ; Oberflächenplasmon ; Polariton ; Matrixmethode ; Photolumineszenz ; Splitt ; Nanotechnologie ; Impulslaser ; Nanosensor ; Experimentelle Daten ; Silber ; Pulsdruck ; Chemistry;
    ISSN: 1932-7447
    E-ISSN: 1932-7455
    Source: American Chemical Society (via CrossRef)
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    Language: German
    In: Soziale Welt, 2013, Vol.64(1), pp. 97-114
    ISSN: 00386073
    Source: Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
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