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    Language: English
    In: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 1988, Vol.36(10), pp.4153-4156
    Description: 4-Amino-1-(2, 3-dideoxy-β-D-〈I〉glycero〈/I〉-pentofuranosyl)-1〈I〉H〈/I〉-pyrazolo [3, 4-d] pyrimidine (〈B〉5〈/B〉) was synthesized from 8-aza-7-deaza-2'-deoxyadenosine (〈B〉1〈/B〉). Benzoylation of the 4-amino group of 〈B〉1〈/B〉 followed by 4, 4'-dimethoxytritylation of the 5'-hydroxyl function gave 〈B〉2b〈/B〉. Barton deoxygenation of the phenoxythiocarbonyl compound 〈B〉3〈/B〉 afforded 〈B〉4a〈/B〉 and yielded 〈B〉5〈/B〉 after removal of the protecting groups. The 〈I〉N〈/I〉-glycosylic bond stability of 〈B〉5〈/B〉 to acid was higher than that of 2', 3'-dideoxyadenosine (ddA). Compound 〈B〉5〈/B〉 showed no appreciable activity against human immunodeficiency virus. It was converted into allopurinol 2', 3'-dideoxyribofuranoside (〈B〉6〈/B〉) by adenosine deaminase but at a lower rate than the conversion of ddA into ddl.
    Keywords: 8-Aza-7-Deaza-2', 3'-Dideoxyadenosine ; Allopurinol 2', 3'-Dideoxyribofuranoside ; Pyrazolo [3, 4-≪I≫D≪/I≫] Pyrimidine ; Barton Deoxygenation ; ≪I≫N≪/I≫-Glycosylic Bond Stability ; Anti-Hiv Activity ; Adenosine Deaminase
    ISSN: 0009-2363
    E-ISSN: 13475223
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    Language: Japanese
    In: 日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集, 2003, Vol.49(0), pp.183
    ISSN: 0288-5840
    Source: Japan Science and Technology Agency
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    Language: English
    In: Annals of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery : official journal of the Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia, 2012, Vol.18(4), pp.355-8
    Description: Surgical management of tuberculosis is uncommon in children. We report a case of a 14-month-old boy with miliary tuberculosis and recurrent pneumothorax due to cavities in the left lung. This boy had no previous medical history and was referred to our hospital for a severe pneumonia. Initial chest radiograph showed bilateral miliary pattern. Direct microscopy of gastric lavage showed the presence of tubercle bacilli, providing definitive diagnosis. In spite of effective medication, his status rapidly worsened. A cardiac resuscitation was followed by intubation, and he required high-pressure ventilation for four weeks. He developed left pneumothorax, for which several drainages were performed. Computed tomography revealed a huge cavern system involving the entire lingula and surrounded by the left pneumothorax. Eventually, a massive enlargement of the initial cavity necessitated a thoracotomy and wedge resection.
    Keywords: Tuberculosis, Miliary -- Complications ; Tuberculosis, Pulmonary -- Complications
    ISSN: 13411098
    E-ISSN: 2186-1005
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    Language: English
    In: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2013, Vol.52(8S)
    Description: We have decreased the dislocation density in Al x Ga 1- x N epitaxial layers grown on sapphire wafers by introducing an in-situ deposited SiN nano-mask layer. Taking together results obtained by transmission electron microscopy, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence, and X-ray diffraction, we were able to derive a schematic model about the AlGaN growth on the SiN nanomask: On the open pores of the nano-mask, Ga-rich AlGaN hillocks develop, whereas on the SiN layer Al-rich AlGaN nucleates owing to the reduced selectivity of Al-containing material. Once the hillocks are formed, Ga-rich material is more efficiently incorporated on the inclined side-facets leading to an Al-rich coverage of the central c -plane part of the hillocks. We observed a bending of the dislocations towards the side-facets of the hillocks, which eventually leads to dislocation bundles with increased probability of dislocation annihilation, separated by fairly defect-free regions. Thus, we could achieve a significant reduction of the edge-type dislocation density in these epitaxial layers.
    Keywords: Aluminum Gallium Nitrides ; Reduction ; Bundles ; Dislocations ; Epitaxial Layers ; Aluminum ; Dislocation Density ; Nanostructure ; Materials Selection ; Defects and Transport (Wc) ; Applied Physics (General) (So) ; Microstructure (EC) ; Constitution/Crystal Structure/Microstructure (AI) ; Physics (General) (Ah);
    ISSN: 00214922
    E-ISSN: 13474065
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    Language: English
    In: Journal of toxicologic pathology, June 2011, Vol.24(2), pp.113-24
    Description: Many variables may affect the outcome of continuous infusion studies. The results largely depend on the experience of the laboratory performing these studies, the technical equipment used, the choice of blood vessels and hence the surgical technique as well the quality of pathological evaluation. The latter is of major interest due to the fact that the pathologist is not involved until necropsy in most cases, i.e. not dealing with the complicated surgical or in-life procedures of this study type. The technique of tissue sampling during necropsy and the histology processing procedures may influence the tissues presented for evaluation, hence the pathologist may be a source of misinterpretation. Therefore, ITO proposes a tissue sampling procedure and a standard nomenclature for pathological lesions for all sites and tissues in contact with the port-access and/or catheter system.
    Keywords: Beagle ; Continuous Infusion ; Non-Rodents ; Pathology ; Rodents ; Terminology ; Tissue Sampling
    ISSN: 09149198
    E-ISSN: 1881-915X
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