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    Format: [8] Bl , S.-Abb. u. Taf. (z.T.farb.) , 4[grad]
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    Online Resource
    Online Resource
    Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
    Format: Online-Ressource , v.: digital
    Edition: Online-Ausg.] 2011 Springer eBook Collection. Biomedical and Life Sciences
    ISBN: 9783642200540 , 9783642200533
    Series Statement: Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 820
    Content: Robert L. Coffman
    Content: We are celebrating this year the hundred years' anniversary of allergen-specific immunotherapy. In 1911 Leonard Noon published his seminal work "Prophylactic inoculation against hay fever" describing his attempts to achieve active immunity against "grass pollen toxin" by administering increasing doses of grass pollen extract before the grass pollen season to allergic patients. Although it was unknown at that time that allergy represents an immunological hypersensitivity disease, the treatment was effective and many observations made by Noon remained valid until today. Today
    Note: Description based upon print version of record , Vaccines against Allergies; Preface; Contents; Contributors; 128 Immunological Approaches for Tolerance Induction in Allergy; Abstract; 1…Introduction; 2…The Immune Response to Allergens is Regulated by T cells; 3…Tolerance; 4…Current Treatments for Allergy; 5…Tolerance Induction; 5.1 The T Cell Response and Cytokine Secretion; 5.2 Histamine and Histamine Receptors in Tolerance Induction; 5.3 B Cells in Tolerance Induction; 5.4 Innate Immunity and Tolerance Induction; 6…Improving Current Immunotherapy Strategies; 6.1 Allergen: Immunogenicity and Allergenicity; 6.2 Type of Allergen , 7…Where Do We Go from Here?References; 125 Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy with Recombinant Allergens; Abstract; 1…Introduction; 2…Strategies for Improving Efficacy of Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy; 3…Clinical Trials; 4…Clinical Efficacy and Side Effects of Recombinant Allergens; 4.1 Recombinant Grass Allergen Immunotherapy; 4.2 Recombinant Birch Allergen Immunotherapy; 4.3 Recombinant Birch Allergen Derivatives Immunotherapy; 5…Discussion; 5.1 Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Recombinant Allergens; 5.2 Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Recombinant Hypoallergenic Derivatives , 5.3 Future Perspectives6…Conclusions; References; 126 Vaccine Approaches for Food Allergy; Abstract; 1…Background; 2…Immune Responses to Food Antigens and Mechanisms of Oral Tolerance; 3…Therapeutic Approaches; 3.1 Allergen-Specific Strategies; 3.1.1 Subcutaneous Immunotherapy; 3.1.2 Sublingual and Oral Immunotherapy; 3.1.3 Immunotherapy with Engineered Food Proteins; 3.1.4 Peptide Immunotherapy; 3.1.5 Plasmid DNA Immunotherapy; 3.1.6 Immunotherapy with Immune Stimulatory Sequences; 3.1.7 Diet-Specific Tolerance Promotion; 3.2 Allergen Non-Specific Strategies; 3.2.1 Anti-IgE Therapy , 3.2.2 Chinese Herbal Medicine3.2.3 Cytokine Therapies; 4…Conclusions; References; 133 Intralymphatic Immunotherapy: From the Rationale to Human Applications; Abstract; 1…Introduction; 1.1 The Function of Lymph Nodes; 1.2 Targeting Antigen to Lymph Nodes; 1.3 Intralymphatic Immunotherapy (ILIT) with Dendritic Cells; 1.4 ILIT with Tumor Cells; 1.5 ILIT with MHC Class I Binding Peptides; 1.6 ILIT with Naked DNA; 1.7 ILIT with RNA-Based Vaccines; 1.8 Intralymphatic Vaccination with Vaccinia Virus; 1.9 ILIT with ISCOMS; 1.10 ILIT with Protein-Based Vaccines; 1.11 ILIT with BCG , 1.12 ILIT with Adjuvants , 6.2.1 Native Allergens6.2.2 'Allergoid'xe ''Allergoids': Chemically Modified Allergens; 6.2.3 Recombinant Allergens; 6.3 Modality: Route of Dosing; 6.4 Adjuvant; 7…Future Perspectives; 8…Conclusion; References; 129 Clinical Experience with Recombinant Molecules for Allergy Vaccination; Abstract; 1…Considerations for Optimal Allergen Specific Immunotherapy; 2…Allergen Variants with Reduced IgE-Binding Activity; 3…Recombinant Grass and Birch Pollen Allergens; 4…Recombinant Hypoallergenic Variants of Birch Pollen Allergen Bet v 1; 5…Recombinant Cat Allergen Fel d 1; 6…Ragweed Amb a 1
    Additional Edition: Print version Vaccines against Allergies
    Language: English
    Subjects: Medicine
    URL: Volltext  (Lizenzpflichtig)
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