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    Language: English
    In: Environmental Justice, 04/2016, Vol.9(2), pp.33-47
    Description: The perception of climate change impacts is strongly influenced by the underlying social realities. In order to develop a model for climate change adaptation policies, the CC-VISAGES project (Climate Change Inferred through Social Analysis, Geography, and Environmental Systems) developed a Climatological Environmental Justice Index (CEJI) based on a developed Human Stress Index (HSI) and the Temperature Humidity Index (THI). Through a geographical information system (GIS) representation of HSI, THI, and CEJI, a vulnerability ranking of all communities in Germany, Canada, and Brazil could be revealed. The variables have been selected and measured in a country comparable manner allowing to proportion communities between the different countries. The data have been gathered from the nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS) level 3 (community level). This article will show how HSI has been developed and combined with the THI in order to develop the CEJI. A list of the vulnerable areas in each country according to HIS, THI, and ECJI will be presented as the findings and discussed.
    Keywords: Adaptability ; Environmental Equity ; Social Analysis ; Perception ; Climate Change ; Temperature ; Stress ; Humidity ; Vulnerability ; Geographic Information Systems ; Geography ; Asw, Brazil ; Anw, Canada ; Germany ; Weather Modification & Geophysical Change;
    ISSN: 1939-4071
    E-ISSN: 1937-5174
    Source: Mary Ann Liebert (via CrossRef)
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    Text Resource
    Text Resource
    Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
    Description: Braunrost und Echter Mehltau an Winterweizen gehören zu den gefährlichsten Weizenkrankheiten weltweit und verursachen teilweise katastrophale Ernteeinbußen. Die Quantifizierung klimatischer Einflüsse auf die Befallshäufigkeit beider Krankheiten und die Berechnung von Befallsszenarios unter Klimawandel mit Hilfe von Klimasimulationen waren die Hauptziele dieser Arbeit. Der Einfluss meteorologischer Faktoren und der Wirtsanfälligkeit auf die Befallshäufigkeit beider Schadorganismen in Sachsen-Anhalt wird mittels „window pane“ Korrelationen untersucht und logistischer Regressionsmodelle quantifiziert. Die empirischen Modelle werden durch eine genestete Kreuzvalidierung ausgiebig validiert und mit Klimaszenariodaten des STARS-Modells betrieben. Die Ergebnisse zeigten, dass beide Schaderreger sehr unterschiedlich von meteorologischen Faktoren beeinflusst werden. In Folge von Klimaveränderungen nahm die Bedeutung von Braunrost in Sachsen-Anhalt zu, die von Echtem Mehltau ab.... ; Leaf rust and powdery mildew of winter wheat belong to the most hazardous global wheat diseases and are responsible for severe crop yield losses. Main aims of this work were the quantification of the influence of meteorological variables on the occurrence of both diseases and the projection of the results into the future using climate simulations. The influence of meteorological factors and host plant susceptibility on leaf rust and powdery mildew incidence of winter wheat in Saxony-Anhalt is studied by using “window pane” correlations and quantified utilizing logistic regression models. The empirical models are extensively validated by a nested cross-validation and run with climate scenario data provided by the STARS model, to generate disease scenarios under changed climatic conditions. Results showed that meteorological variables affected both pathogens very differently, leading to an increase in leaf rust and decrease in powdery mildew incidence projected for the state....
    Keywords: Online-Publikation ; Hochschulschrift ; Puccinia Triticina; Blumeria Graminis F.Sp. Tritici; Pflanzenkrankheiten; Pilzliches Pathogen; Klimawandel; Witterung; Korrelation; Logistische Regression;Kreuzvalidierung; Modellierung ; Puccinia Triticina; Blumeria Graminis F.Sp. Tritici; Plant Diseases; Fungal Pathogen; Climate Change; Weather; Correlation; Logistic Regression; Cross Validation; Modelling ; Ddc::600 Technik, Medizin, Angewandte Wissenschaften::630 Landwirtschaft::630 Landwirtschaft Und Verwandte Bereiche
    Source: DataCite
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