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  • Katz, Barry P  (2)
  • Fortney, Kr  (2)
  • Hemophilus Infections  (2)
  • Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins
  • 1
    Language: English
    In: The Journal of infectious diseases, 15 April 2008, Vol.197(8), pp.1103-9
    Description: Haemophilus ducreyi contains 3 TonB-dependent receptors: the hemoglobin receptor HgbA, which is required for virulence in humans; the heme receptor TdhA; and an uncharacterized conserved hypothetical protein TdX (HD0646). A double tdX/tdhA mutant (FX527) was constructed on the background of a human-passaged variant of strain 35000 (35000HP). Six volunteers were infected with 35000HP at 3 sites on one arm and with FX527 at 3 sites on the other. The pustule formation rate was 55.6% (95% confidence interval [CI], 35.7%-75.4%) at 18 parent-strain sites and 44.4% (95% CI, 15.0%-73.9%) at 18 mutant-strain sites (P = .51). Similar amounts of 35000HP and FX527 were recovered from pustules in semiquantitative culture. Thus, TdX and TdhA are not necessary for virulence, whereas HgbA is both necessary and sufficient for virulence in humans. The data suggest that hemoglobin is the sole source of heme/iron used by H. ducreyi in vivo and has implications for the potential of HgbA as a vaccine.
    Keywords: Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins -- Biosynthesis ; Bacterial Proteins -- Biosynthesis ; Chancroid -- Microbiology ; Haemophilus Ducreyi -- Pathogenicity ; Membrane Proteins -- Biosynthesis
    ISSN: 0022-1899
    E-ISSN: 15376613
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  • 2
    Language: English
    In: Microbial Pathogenesis, 2006, Vol.40(3), pp.110-115
    Description: express two porin proteins, termed OmpP2A and OmpP2B. To test whether expression of OmpP2A and OmpP2B was necessary for virulence in humans, eight volunteers were experimentally infected with the parent (35000HP) in one arm and a double OmpP2A OmpP2B mutant (35000HP::P2AB) in the other arm. The pustule formation rates were 58.3% (95% CI, 33.2–83.5%) for the parent and 41.7% (95% CI, 19.3–64.0%) for the mutant ( =0.25). Biopsy of 35000HP and 35000HP::P2AB-infected sites yielded similar amounts of bacteria in quantitative culture. These results indicate that expression of OmpP2A and OmpP2B is not necessary to initiate disease or to progress to pustule formation in humans.
    Keywords: Pustule Formation ; Haemophilus Ducreyi ; Porin Proteins ; Uirulence ; Human Challenge Model ; Biology ; Chemistry
    ISSN: 0882-4010
    E-ISSN: 1096-1208
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