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  • Medicine
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    In: Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, November 2013, Vol.32(11), pp.1979-1986
    Description: OBJECTIVES: Patients with Hashimoto thyroiditis show structural changes of the thyroid that can be identified by a variety of sonographic criteria. We conducted this study to investigate whether there is a correlation between sonography and antibody activity and to assess the role of sonography in the diagnosis and follow-up of Hashimoto thyroiditis. In addition, we present a new classification system (termed the VESINC system [volume, echogenicity, sonographic texture, pseudonodular hypoechoic infiltration, nodules, and cysts]), which helps improve the clarity of sonographic findings.METHODS: The study included 223 consecutive patients with previously diagnosed Hashimoto autoimmune thyroiditis who attended the thyroid clinic of the German Armed Forces Central Hospital in Koblenz for follow-up examinations between 2006 and 2008. Laboratory tests were performed to measure the levels of free triiodothyronine, free thyroxine, thyrotropin, anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAbs), and antithyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAbs). Sonography was performed according to a strict protocol. We then assessed whether a correlation existed between antibody activity and the 6 sonographic variables of the VESINC system.RESULTS: Hypoechogenicity, heterogeneity, and pseudonodular hypoechoic infiltration were associated with significantly higher TPOAb activity (P 〈 .001). There were no significant correlations between the other sonographic variables examined (cysts, nodules, and volume) or the biometric data with the TPOAb and TgAb levels. In addition, an assessment of TgAb levels did not show significant differences in correlations with any of the sonographic variables.CONCLUSIONS: Sonography is a noninvasive diagnostic imaging modality that provides information about the level of inflammatory activity. Markedly decreased echogenicity, heterogeneity, and multifocal pseudoinodular hypoechoic infiltration are indicative of a high level of inflammatory activity. The sonographic classification system presented here (VESINC system) can be a useful tool for comparing sonographic findings in a rapid and objective manner during follow-up of Hashimoto thyroiditis.
    Keywords: Anti-Thyroglobulin ; Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase ; Hashimoto Thyroiditis ; Sonographic Patterns ; Sonography
    ISSN: 0278-4297
    E-ISSN: 1550-9613
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    Language: English
    In: European Journal of Pediatrics, 2012, Vol.171(2), pp.337-345
    Description: Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) caused by rotavirus (RV) is a common disease among infants and toddlers, often leading to hospitalization and, in resource-poor countries, to death. However, little is known on specific complications of severe RV-positive (RV+) AGE and on the clinical course in chronically ill children. This was a retrospective analysis of data for children 〈5 years of age hospitalized due to AGE during six rotavirus seasons in three large German pediatric hospitals. The primary study end point was the incidence and type of complications in RV+ versus RV-negative (RV−) cases. A total of 6,884 episodes of AGE in hospitalized children aged 〈5 years were included in this analysis. Of the 4,880 stools tested for RV, 2,118 (43.4%) were RV+. Hypernatremia was significantly more common in RV+ AGE ( P  〈 0.001) and was associated with severe disease, need for intensive care treatment, and longer duration of hospitalization. Metabolic disorders, particularly hypoglycemia, were more common in RV+ AGE. In contrast, symptoms such as respiratory infections, neurological, and abdominal symptoms were more common in children with RV− AGE. Conclusions: hypernatremia is a specific complication of RV+ AGE. RV would therefore appear to be the cause of infant toxicosis, the traditional descriptive term for severe dehydration and clinical deterioration following AGE.
    Keywords: Acute gastroenteritis ; Rotavirus ; Hospitalized children ; Complications ; Hypernatremia
    ISSN: 0340-6199
    E-ISSN: 1432-1076
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    Language: English
    In: Journal of the American College of Cardiology, February 1991, Vol.17(2), pp.A343-A343
    Keywords: Medicine
    ISSN: 0735-1097
    E-ISSN: 1558-3597
    Source: ScienceDirect Journals (Elsevier)
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  • 4
    In: IEEE Intelligent Systems, Nov-Dec, 2001, Vol.16(6), p.35(7)
    Description: An intelligent system, called geno2pheno, relies on information derived from the HIV genomic sequence to predict the virus's resistance . Geno2pheno uses decision tree classifiers and support vector machines to make its predictions.
    Keywords: Hiv Tests -- Research ; Biomedical Engineering -- Research ; Genomics -- Research
    ISSN: 1541-1672
    E-ISSN: 19411294
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    Language: English
    In: Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, 2011, Vol.50(2), pp.313-323
    Description: Living in the vicinity of nuclear power plants (NPP) is discussed here in terms of adverse health effects. A prospective population-based cohort study was conducted to evaluate whether the prevalence of birth defects in the vicinity of NPPs is elevated and scrutinize a possible distance correlation. A birth cohort born to mothers living within 10 km of two selected NPPs (study region) was compared to a region without NPP (comparison region), and an active surveillance of all live births, stillbirths, and induced abortions in the defined regions was performed. Between 01/2007 and 02/2008, all newborns were examined by specially trained study paediatricians according to the protocols of the Birth Registry Mainz Model. The cohort consisted of 5,273 infants (90% completeness). The outcome measure was an infant with birth defect(s). The prevalence of infants with birth defects was 4.5% in the study region and 4.7% in the comparison region, which corresponds to a relative risk (RR) of 0.94 (lower 95% confidence level (CL): 0.76). Thus, the prevalence of birth defects in the regions surrounding NPPs was not increased compared to those of the comparison region. Adjustment for potential confounders did not substantially change the result (RR 0.90, lower 95% CL 0.73). The adjusted and unadjusted distance approach (1/distance in km) did not show any correlation to vicinity to a NPP ( p  = 0.38). Specifically, within the study region, the prevalence of birth defects showed no upward trend with decreasing distance. Birth defect prevalence and most descriptive parameters in the comparison region were identical to those in the Birth Registry Mainz Model.
    Keywords: Birth Defects -- Analysis ; Cancer Research -- Analysis ; Infants -- Analysis ; Nuclear Energy -- Analysis ; Nuclear Power Plants -- Analysis;
    ISSN: 0301-634X
    E-ISSN: 1432-2099
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  • 6
    In: Nature Biotechnology, 2007, Vol.25(11), p.1281
    Description: The genus Sorangium synthesizes approximately half of the secondary metabolites isolated from myxobacteria, including the anti-cancer metabolite epothilone. We report the complete genome sequence of the model Sorangium strain S. cellulosum So ce56, which produces several natural products and has morphological and physiological properties typical of the genus. The circular genome, comprising 13,033,779 base pairs, is the largest bacterial genome sequenced to date. No global synteny with the genome of Myxococcus xanthus is apparent, revealing an unanticipated level of divergence between these myxobacteria. A large percentage of the genome is devoted to regulation, particularly post-translational phosphorylation, which probably supports the strain's complex, social lifestyle. This regulatory network includes the highest number of eukaryotic protein kinase-like kinases discovered in any organism. Seventeen secondary metabolite loci are encoded in the genome, as well as many enzymes with potential utility in industry.
    Keywords: Genome, Bacterial -- Genetics ; Myxococcales -- Genetics;
    ISSN: 1087-0156
    E-ISSN: 1546-1696
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    Language: English
    In: Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism, 2005, Vol.23(3), pp.205-211
    Description: Resorption lacunae (RL) are discussed as stressors that can increase the risk of mechanical failure in a trabecular network. Quantification of RL has previously been described through the parameter eroded surface/bone surface (ES/BS) as established by light microscopy (LM) analysis, but the results have been inconsistent and contradictory. Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), a new study design for quantitative evaluation is introduced. To test its applicability a pilot study was executed with trabecular bone dissected from a femoral head of 28 autopsy subjects (14 female and 14 male). A 2.4 × 2.8 × 1.0 mm sample was excised 1.5 cm below the joint surface of each specimen in coronal medial slices of the femoral head and examined. A virtual grid with 1050 squares superimposed over the generated SEM image allowed determination of the ratio of squares containing R_L_ to squares with an u_naffected trabecular surface (RL/U). Classical ES/BS was assessed in parallel sections of the samples. The SEM, and to a lesser extent the qualitative different LM analysis, indicated a gender independent predominance of RL in subjects older than 50 years. This pilot study suggests that the new study design could be useful for acquiring quantitative RL data.
    Keywords: Microfractures ; Trabecular bone architecture ; Menopause ; Remodeling ; Osteoporosis
    ISSN: 0914-8779
    E-ISSN: 1435-5604
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  • 8
    Language: English
    Description: Ever since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, we have generally become aware of environmental contaminants and their effects on the ecosystem. The findin of PCB's in fish by Soren Jensen in Sweden, the recognition of mirex as contaminant in fish from Lake Ontario, and the discoveries of contaminant laden...
    Description: Foreword.- Structure-activity relationships for toxicity of hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and oils to Daphnia magna.- Comparative toxicity and metabolism of tetrachlorobenzene isomers.- An examination of the role of rotational barriers in the toxicology of PCB's.- The use of rapid biochemical...
    Keywords: Toxicology ; Structure-Activity Relationships (Biochemistry)
    ISBN: 9789027717764
    Source: VLeBooks
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  • 9
    In: The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1962, Vol.115(1), p.37-47
    Description: The production of endogenous pyrogen by intact granulocytes obtained from acute peritoneal exudates is blocked by arsenite, iodoacetate, p -chloromercuribenzoate, and N -ethylmaleimide in concentrations of 2 x 10 –4 M. When the concentration of these sulfhydryl-reactive enzyme inhibitors is increased to 2 x 10 –2 M , only the iodoacetate inactivates the pyrogen molecule, whereas the arsenite, the p -chloromercuribenzoate, and the N -ethylmaleimide have no gross effect upon its thermogenic activity. Both diisopropyl fluorophosphate and dinitrofluorobenzene are even more potent inactivators of the pyrogen molecule than iodoacetate, although the action of the DFP cannot be blocked or reversed by known antagonists such as 2-pyridine aldoxime methiodide and hydroxylamine. Proteolytic enzymes, potentially capable of degrading leucocytic pyrogen, are released from polymorphonuclear leucocytes, along with the pyrogen, when the cells are incubated in normal salt solution. These enzymes are readily activated by a sufficient concentration of glutathione (2 x 10 –2 M ). They are not present in preparations of partially purified leucocytic pyrogen from which much of the non-pyrogenic protein has been removed. Glutathione by itself, even at concentrations as high as 2 x 10 –1 M , does not affect in the gross the thermogenic activity of the purified pyrogen. The implications of these findings in relation to both the production and the chemical characteristics of leucocytic pyrogen are discussed.
    Keywords: Article
    ISSN: 0022-1007
    E-ISSN: 1540-9538
    Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM)
    Library Location Call Number Volume/Issue/Year Availability
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  • 10
    Language: English
    In: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, 7 January 2013, Vol.84(1), p.62
    Description: The objective of this preliminary study was to explore long-term changes in neurobehavioral parameters, brain morphology and electroencephalography of sepsis patients who received intensive care compared to non-septic intensive care unit (ICU) patients.
    Keywords: Cognitive Neuropsychology ; Anaesthetics ; Clinical Neurology ; Eeg ; Mri
    ISSN: 0022-3050
    ISSN: 00223050
    E-ISSN: 1468-330X
    E-ISSN: 1468330X
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