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    Online Resource
    Online Resource
    Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
    Format: Online-Ressource , v.: digital
    Edition: Online-Ausg. 2011 Springer eBook Collection. Earth and Environmental Science Electronic reproduction; Available via World Wide Web
    ISBN: 9783540741695
    Note: Includes bibliographical references and index , ""Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks""; ""Preface""; ""Contents""; ""Part I: Introduction and General Aspects of Metamorphism""; ""Chapter 1: Definition, Conditions and Types of Metamorphism""; ""1.1 Conditions of Metamorphism""; ""1.1.1 Low-Temperature Limit of Metamorphism""; ""1.1.2 High-Temperature Limit of Metamorphism""; ""1.1.3 Low-Pressure Limit of Metamorphism""; ""1.1.4 High-Pressure Limit of Metamorphism""; ""1.2 Types of Metamorphism""; ""1.2.1 Orogenic Metamorphism""; ""1.2.2 Ocean-Floor Metamorphism""; ""1.2.3 Other Types of Regional Metamorphism""; ""1.2.4 Contact Metamorphism"" , ""1.2.5 Cataclastic Metamorphism""""1.2.6 Hydrothermal Metamorphism""; ""1.2.7 Other Types of Small-Scale Metamorphism""; ""References and Further Reading""; ""Chapter 2: Metamorphic Rocks""; ""2.1 Primary Material of Metamorphic Rocks""; ""2.1.1 Chemical Composition of Protoliths of Metamorphic Rocks""; ""2.1.2 Chemical Composition Classes of Metamorphic Rocks and Their Protoliths""; ""2.2 The Structure of Metamorphic Rocks""; ""2.3 Classification and Names of Metamorphic Rocks""; ""2.3.1 Rock Names Referring to the Structure""; ""2.3.2 Names for High-Strain Rocks""; ""2.3.3 Special Terms"" , ""2.3.4 Modal Composition of Rocks""""2.3.5 Names Related to the Origin of the Protolith""; ""2.4 Mineral Assemblages and Mineral Parageneses""; ""2.5 Graphical Representation of Metamorphic Mineral Assemblages""; ""2.5.1 Mole Numbers, Mole Fractions and the Mole Fraction Line""; ""2.5.2 The Mole Fraction Triangle""; ""2.5.3 Projections""; "" Simple Projections""; "" Projection of Solid-Solution Phases""; "" Complex Projections""; "" AFM Projections""; "" ACF Projections""; "" Other Projections""; ""References and Further Reading"" , ""Cited References""""Further Reading""; ""Chapter 3: Metamorphic Processes""; ""3.1 Principles of Metamorphic Reactions""; ""3.2 Pressure and Temperature Changes in Crust and Mantle""; ""3.2.1 General Aspects""; ""3.2.2 Heat Flow and Geotherms""; "" Transient Geotherms""; ""3.2.3 Temperature Changes and Metamorphic Reactions""; ""3.2.4 Pressure Changes in Rocks""; ""3.3 Gases and Fluids""; ""3.4 Time Scale of Metamorphism""; ""3.5 Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths and Reaction History""; ""3.6 Chemical Reactions in Metamorphic Rocks""; ""3.6.1 Reactions Among Solid-Phase Components"" , "" Phase Transitions, Polymorphic Reactions"""" Net-Transfer Reactions""; "" Exchange Reactions""; "" Exsolution Reactions/Solvus Reactions""; ""3.6.2 Reactions Involving Volatiles as Reacting Species""; "" Dehydration Reactions""; "" Decarbonation Reactions""; "" Mixed Volatile Reactions""; "" Oxidation/Reduction Reactions""; "" Reactions Involving Sulfur""; "" Reactions Involving Halogens""; "" Complex Mixed Volatile Reactions and Fluids"" , "" Reactions Involving Minerals and Dissolved Components in Aqueous Solutions"" , Electronic reproduction; Available via World Wide Web
    Additional Edition: 9783540741688
    Additional Edition: Print version Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks
    Language: English
    Keywords: Metamorphose ; Metamorphes Gestein ; Gesteinsbildung ; Gesteinskunde
    URL: Volltext  (lizenzpflichtig)
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