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    Online Resource
    Online Resource
    Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press
    Format: Online-Ressource (xvi, 183 p) , ill., maps
    Edition: Online-Ausg. 2011 Electronic reproduction; Available via World Wide Web
    ISBN: 0748623035 , 0748623043 , 9780748623037 , 9780748623044
    Series Statement: Debates and documents in ancient history
    Content: This was a time of civil war, anarchy, intrigue, and assassination. Between 193 and 284 the Roman Empire knew more than twenty-five emperors, and an equal number of usurpers. All of them had some measure of success, several of them often ruling different parts of the Empire at the same time. Rome's traditional political institutions slid into vacuity and armies became the Empire's most powerful institutions, proclaiming their own imperial champions and deposing those they held to be incompetent. Yet despite widespread contemporary dismay at such weak government this period was also one in whic
    Note: Includes bibliography (p. 168-176) and index , Contents; Senior Editor's Preface; Preface; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Part I Debates; Introduction: History and Narrative; 1 A Capital and its Provinces; 2 Economy, Armies and Administration; 3 Law and Citizenship; 4 Development and Perception of Emperorship; 5 Christianity and Religious Change; Conclusion; Part II Documents; 1 Cassius Dio; 2 Herodian; 3 Historia Augusta; 4 Sextus Aurelius Victor; 5 Eutropius; 6 Festus; 7 Zosimus; 8 Publius Aelius Aristides; 9 The Thirteen Sibylline Oracle; 10 Res Gestae Divi Saporis; 11 Lactantius; 12 P. Herennius Dexippus; 13 Dexippus Inscription , 14 Odaenathus Inscripts from CIS15 Augsburg Inscription; 16 Inscriptions from CIL; 17 Aga Bey Koyu Petition; 18 Papyrus of Isis to her Family; 19 Command of the Egyptian Prefect; 20 The Constitutio Antoniniana; 21 Digest; 22 Damnatio Memoriae in a Papyrus; 23 Oxyrhynchus papyri; 24 Inscriptions from Aphrodisias; 25 Acclamation at Perge; 26 The Feriale Duranum; 27 Trajan to Pliny; 28 Libellus of the Decian Persecution; 29 Cyprian: To Demetrianus; 30 Cyprian; 31 Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas; 32 Marcus Minucius Felix; 33 Epistle against the Manichees; 34 Ban on Magical Consultation , 35 Wall of Aurelian36 Rock Relief at Bishapur; 37 Arch of Galerius, Thessalonica; 38 Arch of Septimius Severus, Rome; 39 Arco degli Argentarii, Rome; 40 Palmyrene Sarcophagus; 41 Syrian Togate Portrait; 42 Distribution of Third-Century Imperial Coin Types; 43 Coins of Elagabalus; 44 Triangual Coin from Tyre; 45 Coins of Philip the Arab; 46 Decius' Consecration Coins; 47 Coins of Gallienus; 48 Coins of Aurelian and His Opponents; 49 Imperial busts; Emperors and Usurpers; Further Reading; Essay Questions and Exercise Topics; Internet Resources; Bibliography; Glossary; Index , Electronic reproduction; Available via World Wide Web
    Additional Edition: ISBN 9780748623037
    Additional Edition: Print version Rome and its Empire, AD 193-284
    Language: English
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