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    Online Resource
    Online Resource
    Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
    Format: Online-Ressource (348 p.)
    Edition: Online-Ausg. 2013 Electronic reproduction; Available via World Wide Web
    ISBN: 9781107009066 , 9781107057593
    Content: A comparative and interdisciplinary study arguing for a more sophisticated appreciation of the rise of the Hunnic Empire
    Note: Description based upon print version of record , Cover; Contents; Maps; Acknowledgements; Chapter 1 Introduction; Steppe empires and their significance in the history of wider Eurasia and Late Imperial Rome; The Huns, a new world order and the birth of 'Europe'; Chapter 2 Rome's Inner Asian enemies before the Huns; The Parthian Empire; The Partho-Sassanian confederacy; Chapter 3 The Huns in Central Asia; Inner Asian empires before the fourth century ad; Introduction; The Xiongnu, the Scythians and the Sarmatians; The Hun-Xiongnu connection; The Yuezhi (Kushans), Kangju and the Wusun , Contemporary Inner Asian empires (fourth, fifth and sixth centuries ad)The White Huns (Chionites, Kidarites and Hephtalites); The Rouran Khaganate; Sedentarism among steppe peoples; Chapter 4 The Huns in Europe; The Hunnic Empire, the Germanic tribes and Rome; The impact of the Hunnic Empire and Roman military collapse; The Battle of Chalons, the salvation of Western Civilization?; Roman military impotence post AD 451; Chapter 5 The end of the Hunnic Empire in the west; Civil war and the rise of Ardaric; Ardaric and the Gepids , Odoacer the king of the Torcilingians, Rogians, Scirians and the HerulsValamer the king of the Huns and founding king of the Ostrogoths; Orestes the royal secretary; New invasions from the east; The dissolution of the Hunnic state: an analysis; Chapter 6 The later Huns and the birth of Europe; The later Hunnic Empire of the Bulgars, Oghurs and Avars; The birth of a new Europe; Conclusion; Notes; Chapter 1: introduction; Chapter 2: rome's inner asian enemies before the huns; Chapter 3: the huns in central asia; Chapter 4: the huns in europe; Chapter 5: the end of the hunnic empire in the west , Chapter 6: the later huns and the birth of europeConclusion; Bibliography; Index , Electronic reproduction; Available via World Wide Web
    Additional Edition: 9781107058842
    Additional Edition: 9781107009066
    Additional Edition: Print version The Huns, Rome and the Birth of Europe
    Language: English
    Keywords: Electronic books
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