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    Format: Online-Ressource (XVII, 765 p. 182 illus) , online resource
    Edition: Online edition Springer eBook Collection. Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
    ISBN: 9789812870773 , 9789812870766 (print)
    Content: This biannual conference in Pahang, Malaysia, is a clearing house for many of the latest research findings in a highly multidisciplinary field. The contributions span a host of academic disciplines which are themselves rapidly evolving, making this collection of 90 selected papers an invaluable snapshot of an arena of pure and applied science that produces many versatile innovations. The book covers a multitude of topics ranging from the sciences (pure and applied) to technology (computing and engineering), and on to social science disciplines such as business, education, and linguistics. The papers have been carefully chosen to represent the leading edge of the current research effort, and come from individuals and teams working right around the globe. They are a trusted point of reference for academicians and students intending to pursue higher-order research projects in relevant fields, and form a major contribution to the international exchange of ideas and strategies in the various technological and social science disciplines. It is the sheer scope of this volume that ensures its relevance in a scientific climate with a marked trend towards disciplinary synthesis
    Note: Description based upon print version of record , Preface; Acknowledgement; Contents; Part I: Social Sciences; Chapter 1: Using Reader's Theatre to Promote Reading the Judicial Decisions (Court Case) Among Foundation Law Students; Introduction; The Significance of Reader's Theatre in Promoting Reading; Action Research and Findings; Data Analysis (Cross Tabulation Analysis); Conclusion; References; Chapter 2: The Use of Ar-Rahnu by Islamic Bank Customers in Malaysia; Introduction; Literature Review; Research Methodology; Data Analysis and Findings; Respondents' Background; Correlation Analysis; Conclusion and Recommendations. , ReferencesChapter 3: Retailers' Perspective on Electronic Reservation Services in Malaysia; Introduction; Literature Review; Electronic Retailers; Methodology; Primary Data; Secondary Data; Research Model; Results and Discussions; Retailers' Perception Towards Electronic Reservation Service; Correlation Coefficient Test; Cronbach's Alpha Test of Reliability; Conclusion; References; Chapter 4: Parenting Behavior of Mothers and School Adjustments of Adolescents in Malaysia; Introduction; School Adjustments; Research Gap; Theoretical Framework; Methods; Participants and Procedures. , MeasuresQuality of Maternal Parenting Behavior; School Adjustments; Data Analytic Strategy; Results; Discussion and Conclusion; References; Chapter 5: Numerical Visualization of Rudder Inflow as Effect of Increasing Angle of Attack; Introduction; Propeller and Rudder Models; Analytical Procedure Behind Simulation; Modelling Setup; Results and Discussion; Conclusions; References; Chapter 6: Narcissism as Predictor of Facebook Usage Among Students in a Malaysian Public University; Introduction; Objectives and Significance of the Study. , Facebook (FB) Usage, Narcissism, and Gender Differences in FB Usage Theoretical Framework; Conceptual Framework; Method; Facebook Intensity Scale (FBI); Narcissism Personality Inventory-16 (NPI-16); Results and Discussion; The Level of Facebook Usage Among Undergraduates; Gender Differences in Facebook Usage; Relationship Between Narcissism and Facebook Usage; Conclusion; References; Chapter 7: Managing Event: Environmental Friendly Perspective; Introduction; Literature Review; Environmental Issues; Research Methodology; Results and Discussion; Conclusion; References. , Chapter 8: Malaysia's New Economic Model and Innovative Capability Development: A Focus on Knowledge Workers in MSC MalaysiaIntroduction; Focus on MSC Malaysia; Problem Statement; Research Question and Research Objective; Literature Review; Innovation; Intellectual Capital; Knowledge Management Capacity; Human Resource Management Framework for Innovation; Research Framework; Recommendations; Knowledge Workers in MSC Malaysia; Contributions of This Study; Suggestions for Future Research; References. , Chapter 9: Integration of Visual Cues in an Augmented Reality Application for Enhancing the Learning of Engineering Concepts. , Part 1: Social SciencesChapter 1: Using Reader’s Theatre to Promote Reading the Judicial Decisions (Court Case) Among Foundation Law Students -- Chapter 2: The Use of Ar-Rahnu by Islamic Bank Customers in Malaysia -- Chapter 3: Retailers’ Perspective on Electronic Reservation Services in Malaysia -- Chapter 4: Parenting Behavior of Mothers and School Adjustments of Adolescents in Malaysia -- Chapter 5: Numerical Visualization of Rudder Inflow as Effect of Increasing Angle of Attack -- Chapter 6: Narcissism as Predictor of Facebook Usage among Students in a Malaysian Public University -- Chapter 7: Managing Event: Environmental Friendly Perspective -- Chapter 8: Malaysia’s New Economic Model and Innovative Capability Development: A Focus on Knowledge Workers in MSC Malaysia -- Chapter 9: Integration of Visual Cues in an Augmented Reality Application for Enhancing the Learning of Engineering Concepts -- Chapter 10: Innovation on Product Life Cycle Through Environmental Management Systems Standards Towards Malaysia Polypropylene Firms' Eco-Efficiency -- Chapter 11: Initiative of Developing E-Counseling System: Importance and Application in UNITEN -- Chapter 12: Ecological Conceptualization of Halal-Haram Divide -- Chapter 13: Dynamic Geometries in Traditional Malay-Muslim Art and Architecture: Evidence of Advanced Building Sciences in Malay Building Tradition -- Chapter 14: Customer Satisfaction in Event Management Organized by District Islamic Religious Office (PAID) in Pahang -- Chapter 15: Client’s Business Risk Assessment and Auditor’s Test -- Chapter 16: Childcare Service Quality: Measuring Expectations of Working Parents using SERVPERF Dimensions -- Chapter 17: Certified Halal Logo: The Importance towards Muslim Customers in Bandar Pusat Jengka Pahang -- Chapter 18: Awareness on Legal Rights and Data Protection in SNS: The case of Facebook in Countryside Campus -- Chapter 19: Change of Age Specific Fertility Curves in Peninsular Malaysia: An Approach of Functional Data Analysis -- Chapter 20: Intention to Whistle Blow among Future Accountants in Malaysia -- Chapter 21: Family Controlled Companies and the Issuance of Going Concern Opinion in Malaysia -- Chapter 22: Counselling Students' Perceptions toward Integrating Spirituality into Counseling Among Children -- Chapter 23: Assessment Literacy: A Catalyst to the Success of School-Based Assessment in Malaysian Schools -- Chapter 24: Discriminant Analysis: A Study on Corporate Distress -- Chapter 25: Waterfront Development in Malaysia: Best Practices in Future -- Chapter 26: Human Resource Management from Islamic Perspectives: Experiences of GLCS -- Chapter 27: The Application of Consistent Minimum Vector Variance (MVV) Estimators on Hotelling T2 Control Chart -- Chapter 28: Ethical Sensitivity and Ethics Education: Case of Accounting Students.-Chapter 29: Visualisation Skills of Geometric Figures: Its Effect in Visualisation-Based Teaching -- Chapter 30: Measuring Customer Needs and Wants: Exploring Servqual Dimensions in Cooperatives -- Chapter 31: Model of Self-Esteem, Job-Search Intensity and Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy for Undergraduates Students -- Chapter 32: An Empirical Analysis of Consumers’ Behavioral Intention towards Perceived Usefulness and Service Quality - A Malaysian Perspective -- Chapter 33: The Effect of zikr on Physiological Coherence: A Case Study on Selected University Students -- Chapter 34: Supply Chain Integration Implementation and Operational Capability in SMEs: A Literature Review and a Research Agenda -- Chapter 35: Solar Cooking Activity for Preschoolers in Developing Inquiry Skills -- Chapter 36: Anxiety in Learning English among Low Achievers: The Questions of Gender, Language Preference and Academic Performance -- Chapter 37: Electronic Reservation Services in Malaysia from Customers’ Perspective -- Chapter 38: Teenagers’ Interaction in Photo Story Teenagers: A Discourse Analysis -- Chapter 39: Exploration on Innovation Culture in Batek Tribe -- Chapter 40: Analysing the use of Superiority Claims in the Local Complementary and Alternative Medicine Print Advertisements in Malaysia -- Chapter 41: Investigating the Satisfaction and Intention to Use Blog: The Application of Extended Tam -- Chapter 42: A Preliminary Exploration to Chinese Popular Adjectives in Chinese Website -- Chapter 43: Effects of Student’s Workload and Academic Procrastination on Attitude to Plagiarize: A Partial Least Squares Application -- Chapter 44: A Study on Relationship between Awareness and Knowledge of Muslims’ Sellers toward Halal Cosmetic Products -- Chapter 45: Islamic Jurisprudence on Reproductive Technology: A Methodological Appraisal -- Part 2: Sciences and Technology -- Chapter 46: Predictions of Relative Risks for Dengue Disease Mapping in Malaysia Based on Stochastic Sir-Si Vector-Borne Infectious Disease Transmission Model -- Chapter 47: The Effects of Caffeine on Archery Performance: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study -- Chapter 48: Characteristics of Rdf Produce from Paper and Plastic Wastes and Potential of Rice Straw as a Binder -- Chapter 49: Artificial Pollination on Pepper (Piper Nigrum L.): Procedures to Prevent Self-Pollination and Guidelines to Ensure Reliability of Methods Used in Prevention of Self-Pollination -- Chapter 50: Day-Lighting Tropical Building Interiors from Skylight: The Case for Separating Heat from Useful Visible Light -- Chapter 51: Kinetic Modelling for Hydrogen Reduction of Ferric Oxide using Matlab -- Chapter 52: Factors Influencing Starch Digestibility -- Chapter 53: Removal of Reactive Dye by Flat Sheet Supported Liquid Membrane using Tridodecylamine as a Carrier -- Chapter 54: Extraction of Ionized Nano silver by Emulsion Liquid Membrane using Cyanex 302 as a Mobile Carrier -- Chapter 55: Gasification of Triple Fuel Blends using Pilot Scale Fluidized Bed Gasification Plant -- Chapter 56: Properties of Kelempayan Particleboard in Relation to Particle Size and Type of Resin -- Chapter 57: Effects of Different Resin Content and Densities on some Properties of Hybrid Wood Sawdust-Acacia mangium Composites -- Chapter 58: Performance Evaluation of CRP Algorithm for Dense Wireless Sensor Networks -- Chapter 59: Online Malaysian Bumiputera & Aslian Language Researchers’ Database (OMBALRD): Solution for Bumiputera & Aslian Languages Preservation -- Chapter 60: Framework Design of Computational Method Using Singular Value Decomposition for Gender Classification in Words Usage -- Chapter 61: Flood Frequency Analysis at Un gauged Sites in the Peninsular Malaysia Using Multiple Linear Regressions -- Chapter 62: TL-Moments: Application to the Generalized Logistic Distribution -- Chapter 63: On the Performance of Several Approaches to Obtain Standardized Logistic Regression Coefficients -- Chapter 64: Comparison of Anthropometric Characteristics, Body Composition, Speed and Agility Performance of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Football Players -- Chapter 65: Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Evaluation of IT Supplier -- Chapter 66: Factors Affecting Early Adaptation of Post Intracerebral Haemorrhage Patients with Stroke Related Disability During Acute Inpatient Recovery Phase -- Chapter 67: Extended Non-Controllable Variable Input-Output Oriented Model in DEA Analysis -- Chapter 68: The Existence of Golden Section in the Traditional Malay Architecture -- Chapter 69: Cartesian Representation for Location Determination in Parts of Islamic Architecture -- Chapter 70: The Potential of Pseudomonas Sp. in Ammonia Removal of Landfill Leachate -- Chapter 71: Phytochemical Investigation of the Leaves of Tetracera Scandens Linn. And Antidiabetic Activity of Hypoletin in Vitro -- Chapter 72: Bioactive Terpenoids from the Stem Bark of Entada Spiralis Ridl. (Sintok) -- Chapter 73: Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment of Rubber Leaf Powder in Removing Pb(Li) Ions -- Chapter 74: DNA Fingerprinting of Parent Stocks and the Progenies Produce
    Additional Edition: Print version Proceedings of the International Conference on Science, Technology and Social Sciences (ICSTSS) 2012
    Language: English
    Keywords: Sozialwissenschaften ; Öffentliches Gesundheitswesen ; Lebensqualität ; Computerarchitektur ; Ethnolinguistik ; Erneuerbare Energien
    URL: Volltext  (ZZ)
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