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    Format: 1 Online-Ressource (183 Seiten)
    ISBN: 9783030865375
    Series Statement: The Future of Europe Series
    Note: Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources , Intro -- Foreword -- Why This Book? -- Eyes Wide Shut-Solidarity Under Stress -- Strengthen European Solidarity in Action -- Contents -- About the Editors -- Part I: Member States -- Austria First? -- Belgium: Struggling with Solidarity -- Some Recommendations -- Bulgaria: Free-Riding on EU Solidarity -- What Can Be Done? -- Croatia: Solidarity Lost in Translation -- Economic Benefits of EU Membership -- From Not Enough Jobs to Too Few Workers -- What Could Be Done? Some Recommendations -- Cyprus' Quest for EU Solidarity: Juxtaposing Community Values with National Interest -- EU Solidarity Perceived in Cyprus -- Foreign Affairs -- Taming the Pandemic -- Tackling Immigration -- Contributing to EU Solidarity -- Flexible Solidarity and the Limits of Altruism in Czechia -- Solidarity as a Negative Notion -- Migration Crisis as the Watershed -- 'Solidarity Has Its Limits' -- Denied Solidarity -- Danish Frugal Solidarity -- It Starts with Old Ventilators -- Add Frugality -- Add Opt-Outs -- EU-Solidarity Is Not Necessarily a Plus-Word in Denmark -- Danes Are Also Dedicated Europeans -- The EU in EU Solidarity -- Estonia: Symbols of Solidarity or Traps of Interdependence? -- Disappointment in EU Solidarity -- Baltic Solidarity Bubble -- The EU Back on Track Again -- Challenges Are Not Over -- Finland: Cherry-Picking on Solidarity? -- EU Solidarity in the Field of Security -- National Responsibility in Economy -- National Responsibility as a Form of Solidarity? -- Reassess and Explain Finnish Approach to Solidarity -- France: Solidarity for Others and for Itself! -- Solidaire, We Stand -- Blind Spots in the French Pro-Solidarity Credo -- Germany: 'Together for Europe's Recovery'?-'Wir schaffen das!' -- Contested European Solidarity in Times of Migration Crisis: The Greek Case -- Solidarity in Theory and in the Practice of the EU. , Collapse of the Common European Asylum System -- Towards a Concrete Application of the Solidarity Principle -- European Solidarity? A View from a Renitent Hungary -- Limited External and Internal Solidarity -- Some Remarks on the 'Future of Europe' -- Recommendations -- Ireland: Dublin Benefits from and Contributes to European Solidarity -- Brexit -- COVID-19 -- Italy: The Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back? -- Latvia's Peripheralised Solidarity: Rise and Fall of the 'Baltic Bubble' during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 -- Perceptions of European Solidarity in Lithuania-plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose? -- Money and -- Geopolitics -- United in Free Movement -- Persistence of National Narrative -- Liberty, Fraternity, Recovery-The Luxembourg Perspective -- Keep the Borders Open -- Share the Burden -- Generous Funding for Recovery -- Solidarity as the Small State Mantra for Malta's EU Membership -- The Attractiveness of Solidarity for a Small State -- Migration as the Main Failure of EU Solidarity -- The Persistent Problem of Solidarity à la carte -- Poland: From the Solidarity Movement to Non-reciprocal European Solidarity -- The Legacy of Solidarity -- Why Poland Expects to Receive Solidarity in the EU -- Europe after COVID-19-Solidarity Without Integration -- Conclusions-Poland in the EU of Tomorrow -- Gone with the Pandemic?-Portugal and EU Solidarity -- Romania Relies on the EU's Solidarity Budget to Overcome the Pandemic -- Unfair Competition on Essential Medical Supplies -- Citizens' Perceptions During the Pandemic -- More Solidarity Is on the Way -- The Extent of Solidarity-(Mis)interpretation in Slovakia -- Solidarity on the European and Slovak Political Agenda -- Slovak Perspective on Solidarity -- Solidarity Across Borders -- 'De Facto Solidarity' or a Common EU Value? The Post-Lisbon Perspective , Slovenia: Solidarity Sounds Right, But Can We See It? -- A One-Way Solidarity? -- Different Rights with Regard to Citizenship -- Make Solidarity Principle Better Known -- Spain's View of European Solidarity: A Pro-EU Attitude and a Self-Perception of Weakness -- Spaniards and Solidarity -- It Is Easier for a Pro-European Country to Support EU Solidarity -- If You Think You Are Weak, Calling for More EU Solidarity Is No Surprise -- Spain Is Not Always a Dedicated and Cooperative Member State -- Recommendations -- Sweden: COVID-19 Messing Up the Concept of Solidarity -- Financial Solidarity -- Other Types of Solidarity -- Altruistic or Self-Interested Solidarity -- Recommendations -- The Netherlands: Solidarity and Responsibility Are Two Sides of the Same Coin -- Solidarity as a Principle -- The COVID-19 Crisis -- The Multiannual Financial Framework and the Rule of Law -- Other Cases: Finances and Migration -- The Future of EU Cooperation: The Handling of Inequalities -- Concluding Remarks -- Part II: EU neighbours -- Is the EU Albania's Indispensable Ally Through Thick and Thin? -- EU-Albania Solidarity -- Rough Patches Ahead? -- Can the Coronavirus Defeat Ethno-Politics? Paradoxes of Solidarity and Politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina -- Georgia's Pandemic Response: Promoting European Integration Through the Lens of Solidarity -- European Solidarity out of Self-Interest: Iceland and Crisis Management in the EU -- Open or Closed Borders at the Height of the Pandemic? Closure of Borders -- Exports Ban -- Following the EU -- Recommendations -- Friends in Need Are Friends Indeed: How Kosovo Failed to Show Solidarity During COVID-19 Crisis -- Liechtenstein: Solidarity, Yes, but on my Terms -- Elements of Solidarity in the EEA -- Types of Solidarity -- Ambivalent Relationship with Europe -- Montenegro: Enlargement Solidarity, Hoping for the Best , What Can Be Done? Some Recommendations -- EU Solidarity in Action: The Curious Case of North Macedonia-Welcomed Amidst Quarantine! -- Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead -- European Solidarity in a Time of Crisis: A Norwegian Perspective -- Solidarity in Times of Crisis -- Solidarity Through the EEA Funding Scheme -- European Solidarity-A Political Crisis or a Wake Up Call? -- Recommendations -- Serbia: Shared Loyalties Amidst the Pandemic -- Switzerland: Solidarity Taken Hostage -- Solidarity Clashes with Geopolitics in EU-Turkey Relations -- Initial Turkish Response: We Are Ok, They Are Not -- Solidarity Measures: Turkey's 'Corona Diplomacy' -- Recommendations -- United Kingdom: Brexit Meets European Solidarity -- What Did the British Want from Brexit? -- Long Live the Commission! -- EU-Ukraine: Towards a New Quality of Solidarity -- The Solidary Look from the Eastern Partnership 'Reservation' -- Solidarity in the Security Sector -- Several Joint Steps -- Correction to: Belgium: Struggling with Solidarity -- Correction to: Chapter 2 in: M. Kaeding et al. (eds.), European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe, The Future of E.
    Additional Edition: Erscheint auch als Druck-Ausgabe Kaeding, Michael European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe Cham : Springer International Publishing AG,c2022 ISBN 9783030865368
    Language: English
    Subjects: Law
    Keywords: Europäische Union ; Mitgliedsstaaten ; Europäische Integration ; Solidarität ; COVID-19 ; Pandemie ; Bekämpfung ; Internationaler Vergleich ; Geschichte ; Aufsatzsammlung ; Aufsatzsammlung
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