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    Language: English
    In: Soil Science Society of America Journal, March-April, 2006, Vol.70(2), p.541(9)
    Description: Biogenetic polysugars may affect the sorption characteristics of soil mineral particles in the rhizosphere. We hypothesized that polygalacturonate [PGA, ([[C.sub.6][H.sub.7][O.sub.6]).sub.n.sup.-]] coatings on goethite reduce the diffusion of phosphate into the pores of the adsorbent. Goethite was preloaded with PGA (0-10 mg C [g.sup.-1]). The samples were characterized by [N.sub.2] and C[O.sub.2] adsorption, electrophoretic mobility measurements, and scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive X-ray analysis (SEM-EDX). The phosphate sorption kinetics was studied with batch experiments over 2 wk at pH 5 and an initial phosphate concentration of 250 [micro]M. Pore volume and specific surface area of the goethite samples declined after PGA addition. The PGA coatings reduced the [zeta]-potential of goethite from 42.3 to -39.6 mV at the highest C loading. With increasing PGA-C content and decreasing [zeta]-potential the amount of phosphate sorbed after 2 wk decreased linearly (P 〈 0.001). Sorption of phosphate to pure and PGA-coated goethite showed an initial fast sorption followed by a slow sorption reaction. At the smallest C loading (5.5 mg C [g.sup.-1]) the portion of phosphate retained by the slow reaction was smaller than for the treatment without any PGA, while at higher C loadings the fraction of slowly immobilized phosphate increased. Our results suggest that at low C-loadings PGA impaired the intraparticle diffusion of phosphate. In contrast, the slow step-by-step desorption of PGA (〈52% within 2 wk) or the diffusion of phosphate through PGA coatings or both are rate limiting for the slow phosphate reaction at C loadings 〉 5.5 mg C [g.sup.-1].
    Keywords: Soil Phosphorus -- Research ; Soil Chemistry -- Research ; X-ray Analysis
    ISSN: 0361-5995
    E-ISSN: 14350661
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