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    Format: 1 Online-Ressource (xxxvii, 701 Seiten) , Illustrationen, Diagramme, Karten
    ISBN: 9783319575773 , 978-3-319-57577-3
    ISSN: 2211-0577 , 2211-0585
    Series Statement: Coastal research library volume 23
    Content: This book integrates a wide range of subjects into a coherent purview of the status of coastal marine science. Designed for the professional or specialist in coastal science, oceanography, and related disciplines, this work will appeal to workers in multidisciplinary fields that strive for practical solutions to environmental problems in coastal marine settings around the world. Examples are drawn from many different geographic areas, including the Black Sea region. Subject areas covered include aspects of coastal marine geology, physics, chemistry, biology, and history. These subject areas were selected because they form the basis for integrative investigation of salient environmental problems or perspective solutions or interpretation of historical context.
    Note: Contents Part I Introduction 1 The Sea, Cradle of Divine Spirituality / Constantin Jurca˘ and Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Ga˘lbeaza˘) 2 Dobrudja, in the Mesopotamia of the West / Marin Petris¸or 3 Dobruja: A Unique, Intercultural and Spiritual Realm at the Black Sea / Elena Laza˘r and Henrieta Anis¸oara S¸ erban 4 About “Publius Ovidius Naso” ({ 17 p. Chr. n.) and His Poems Written in the “Getae” Language / Nicolae V. Dura˘ 5 The Global Warming and the Water Resources of the Earth / Adrian Bavaru and Rodica Bercu Part II Geology, Geophysics and Sedimentology 6 New Insights into the Black Sea Basin, in the Light of the Reprocessing of Vintage Regional Seismic Data / Ioan Munteanu, Paolo Diviacco, Chiara Sauli, Corneliu Dinu, Mihai Burca˘, Nicolae Panin, and Giuseppe Brancatelli 7 Lithodynamics of the Coastal Zone / Ruben D. Kosyan and Boris V. Divinskiy 8 Granulometry of Sediments in the Mamaia Bay Area / Da˘nuț I. Diaconeasa Part III Physics 9 Inertial Currents in Western Continental Black Sea Shelf / Maria-Emanuela Mihailov 10 Seasonal Changes of Hydrobiological and Bio-Optical Parameters in the Coastal Areas of the Western Part of the Black Sea /Alexander S. Kukushkin 11 Water Mass Measurements Around Benthic Communities: A Comparative Study Between Yo-Yo Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) Casts and High-Resolution Time Series Data Acquisition of Bottom Waters from the Page`s Escarpment in the Southern Bay of Biscay / Wolf-Christian Dullo, Sascha Fl€ogel, and Andres Rüggeberg Part IV Radioactivity and Radioecology 12 Pre and Post-Chernobyl Environmental Radioactivity in Romania: a Review / Constantin Dovlete, Iolanda Osvath, and Sandu Sonoc 13 Radionuclides Assessment for the Romanian Black Sea Shelf / Gianina Chiros¸ca, Maria-Emanuela Mihailov, Cornel Liviu T¸ ugulan, and Alecsandru Vladimir Chiros¸ca 14 Gamma-Ray Radionuclides in Sediments from Mamaia Beach on the Romanian Black Sea Coast / Vasile Pa˘tras¸cu, Romul Mircea Ma˘rgineanu, Ana-Maria Blebea-Apostu, Da˘nut¸ I. Diaconeasa, and Mariana Claudia Gomoiu 15 Radioactive Content in Fish from Black Sea Caches. Its Impact on Population by Food Consumption / Vasile Pa˘tras¸cu, Romul Mircea Ma˘rgineanu, Valodia Maximov, Ana-Maria Blebea-Apostu, Ma˘da˘lina Galat¸chi, Claudia Gomoiu, and George T¸ iganov 16 Levels of Activity Concentration, Migration and Dose Rates on Biota from Alpha-Radioisotopes of Plutonium in the Black Sea Ecosystem / Nataliya N. Tereshchenko 17 Radionuclides 137 Cs and 90 Sr in Components of the Black Sea Ecosystems: Contemporary Status and Prognosis / Natalya Yu. Mirzoyeva, Viktor N. Egorov, and Sergey B. Gulin 18 Radioecology of the Black Sea / Aleksandr Strezov Part V Chemistry 19 Phosphorus Fluxes in the Pelagic Zone of the Black Sea / Aleksandr V. Parkhomenko 20 Oil Hydrocarbons in Bottom Sediments of Sevastopol Bay (SW Crimean Peninsula, Black Sea): Spatial and Temporal Trends / Tatyana S. Osadchaya Part VI Biology and Microbiology 21 Macrophytobenthos from the Romanian Black Sea Coast – An Overview of the Studies and Actual State / Daciana Sava 22 Cenchrus longispinus (Hack) Fernald, One of the most Aggressive Alien Plants on the Romanian Black Sea Coast / Marius Fa˘ga˘raș 23 New Equipment and Technologies Used for Rapa Whelk Harvesting at the Romanian Black Sea Coast / George T¸ iganov, Cristian-Sorin Danilov, Magda Ioana Nenciu, Eugen Anton, and Aurel Na˘stase 24 Some Aspects of the Biology and the Present State of the Population of Protodorvillea kefersteini (Polychaeta: Dorvilleidae) in the Coastal Zone of the Crimea (The Black Sea) / Vera Kopiy 25 Governance and Socio Economic Implications of the Black Sea Small Scale Fisheries (Bulgaria) / Violin St. Raykov and Simona Nicheva 26 Conservation Status of the Fish Fauna in the Danube Delta Marine Zone / Carmen Georgeta Nicolae, Magda Ioana Nenciu, Valodia Maximov, Dana Popa, Monica Marin, and Mihaela Ivancia 27 Assessment of Cetacean Population Abundance at the Romanian Black Sea Coast in 2013 / George T¸ iganov, Cristian-Sorin Danilov, Magda Ioana Nenciu, Eugen Anton, and Aurel Na˘stase 28 The Black Sea Dolphin Nephron Studied by Romanian Nobel Laureate George Emil Palade / Vasile S^arbu, Raluca Melihov, and Daniel Ovidiu Costea 29 Effect of Water Different Salinity on the Morphology of Kudoa nova (Myxosporea: Kudoidae) Spores: Experimental Study / Violetta Yurakhno Part VII Ecology 30 Population – Structural and Functional Basic Element of Bioceonosis and Species. The Role of Population in the Knowledge of Species Autecology / Nicolae Donița˘ and Stoica Godeanu 31 The Marginal Biological Indicators – An Efficient Tool for Ecological Monitoring of the Marine Environment / Yuvenaly P. Zaitsev Part VIII History of Oceanography 32 Development of International Cooperation in Oceanography: Incentives from Science, Services, Economy and Security / Gunnar Kullenberg 33 Romanian Hydrography – Over 100 Years of History / Romeo Bos¸neagu 34 On Romanian Assertiveness in Navigation on the Black Sea (Fourteenth – Late Nineteenth Century) / Valentin Ciorbea and Nicoleta Stanca 35 An Original Document About the History of the Antarctic Expedition « Belgica » / Alexandru Marinescu 36 Venice-of-the-North’s Ups and Downs: A Brief History of the Port City of Bruges, Belgium / Roger H. Charlier and Constance C. Charlier Part IX Miscellanea 37 The Potential of Airborne LiDAR for Detection of New Archaeological Site in Romania / Ioana Vizireanu and Ra˘zvan Mateescu 38 Genetic Versus Han-Type Algorithms for Maritime Transportation Problems / Doina Carp, Constantin Popa, and Cristina S¸ erban 39 A Three-Dimensional Approach to Oil and Gas Shale Exploitation in the US / Alexandre Charles Thys 40 A Glance at the Medical Activity of “Prof. Dr. V. Sion” Hospital of Constanta in 1931 / Octavian Dumitru Unc and Alexandra Nicoleta Unc 41 Land and Water in Romania’s Food Economy / Aurel Lup, Indira Deniz Alim, and Liliana Miron Congratulations / Romanian Academy, Romanian Committee of History of Science and Technology, Academy of Romanian Scientists, Professor Ana Fabian (Cluj-Napoca), Professor Nicolae Dura˘ (Constant¸a), Professor Garabet Kümbetlian (Constant¸a), International Ocean Institute (Malta), Professor Alexandre Herlea (Paris), Walter Lenz (Germany), and Writer Gabriele Kuby (Germany) Index
    Language: English
    Keywords: Electronic books ; Aufsatzsammlung
    Author information: Finkl, Charles W. 1941-
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